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  • Does Starbird Co. only do Maine based events?
    No, while we specialize in Maine based events, we are willing to travel. Investment packages + pricing will be personalized based on event size, date, and location.
  • How many clients do you take per season?
    Starbird Co. never double books. ever. Your perfect day is our perfect day. We only schedule one event per weekend to ensure we can focus on every detail to make everything 'just right'. We encourage you to book early to ensure availability.
  • Do I have to buy a package?
    No. We understand that budgets vary and we feel that everyone deserves a perfect day. We offer a la carte choices that allow you to customize your own investment package. Every event is unique and although we offer standard investment packages, we are always willing to create a unique package to fit your events needs. Please inquire for more details + personalized quote.
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